Monday, January 11, 2010

Am I ready to relinquish lycra?

During the 1940's and 50's swimwear was made from lastex fabric, cotton or nylon and often included boning for support and zips so ladies could get them on and off. The introduction of lycra in the 1960's revolutionised swimwear design, and I guess you could say we've never looked back except that some swimwear designers are starting to do just that. There is something very appealing about a simple cotton swimsuit and there are a couple of Aussie swimwear designers - Zoe Elizabeth and My Sister Pat - who are creating retro inspired swimsuits from beautiful cotton fabrics.

The brains behind label Zoe Elizabeth has a fondness for florals, polka-dots and classic Liberty Prints. Her 2009 collection includes a very 1950's like one-piece and a number of bikinis - halter-necks, bandeaus and under-wire among them - which have me seriously in lust.

My Sister Pat swimsuits are unabashedly 1950's inspired and are created from limited edition cute-as-a-button novelty print fabrics. Stocked in The Vintage Clothing Store in Sydney (amongst many others ... you can email Rosemary on for more info), these togs make me want to chill out on a deck-chair by a country beach and devour a Penguin Classic.

So am I ready to take the plunge and forgo the fit, stretch and feel of lycra for the vintage fabulousness of a cotton swimsuit?


Lemondrop Marie said...

They are very lovely! I would really like to try one to see if I could get over my stretchy swimsuit habit.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Ms. B said...

I have a vintage swimsuit made of very heavy but still somewhat stretchy fabric and the structure of the suit is completely different than modern suits in a good way. It holds you in and supports you and makes you feel confident when you're wearing it unlike with the overly stretchy modern ones that make me feel like an oozy slob when I'm wearing them, exposed to the world. Haha, I think I got a little too descriptive there towards the end.

Louise said...

Now that I'm in my 30's, I could definitely do with a bit more structure in my swimsuit!

Lisa said...

Yes you are ready! Love your blog and I love vintage swimsuits. There is something magical about them!

Leproust Vintage said...

ohhhh I love, love, love these!!

Anonymous said...

i adore My Sister Pat swim/play suits and especially love the new Molly Blooms, they flatten the tummy and make me feel a glamorous yummy mummy:Every aussie girls needs one