Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Millinery Masterpieces

Yesterday I was gushing over the latest Christian Dior haute couture collection but I forgot to mention the divine hats. Stephen Jones, superstar milliner, designs for Dior and his creations are imaginative and gorgeous. Jones was co-curator of the 2009 V&A exhibition Hats: An Anthology and - excitement of excitements - this exhibition is coming to Australia at the end of March! The Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane is hosting it from late March through June and the displays are drawn mainly from the V&A's and Stephen Jones' own collections. Knowing how inspired Jones is by history, I can imagine that there will be many lovely, lovely hats on display. Here are some of his latest ready-to-wear creations.

The Queensland Art Gallery will also be hosting the Valentino retrospective - as seen in the Valentino doco - from August, so fingers crossed for some timely travel North later this year. And an afternoon off.


Some Like it said...

Stunning hats! Wish I could have seen that exhibit, but I don't think it is coming to Canada!

BaronessVonVintage said...


The Countess said...

This show sounds amazing! I'm with you - a weekend away to Queensland to peruse the exhibition would be heaven!