Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dreamy Skirts

It is a double-dose of Dita this week! I intended getting back into the Frock of the Week swing of things today, but I haven't seen any celebs that have blown me away. So while Dita might not be wearing a dress so to speak, I'm a little bit in love with her whole outfit, and especially the tropical print skirt. Is that flamingos I see? Oh how I love a pretty vintage skirt, accessorised with basic white or black.
And lovely Texan blogger Millie Deel just introduced me to this gorgeous Finnish lady Molla Mills, who is a bag and jewellery designer and 40s/50s style maven to rival Dita. I seriously heart her gorgeous mustard print skirt, perfectly complemented by red tights, gloves and parasol. Check out her website here.
I'm feeling somewhat inspired. Look out for a photo-shoot with some of my own vintage skirts soon.

Photos courtesy of Dita Von Teese Fan and Hel Looks.


SophieSweetVintage said...

They both look amazing!

Ms. B said...

Ooh can't wait to see your own skirts! You know, Dita's skirt was in the back of my mind all day yesterday as well as Molla's. Must be a sign that I need to start working on my vintage large scale print skirt collection for the spring. Oh no, something else to shop for ;)

BaronessVonVintage said...

LOVE Dita's skirt!!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Wow, love both of these outfits - I especially love the bottom one :) This is going in my outfit inspiration folder!