Sunday, March 14, 2010

An Affair to Remember

I'm wasn't feeling that flash today so I spent the day on the couch, working a little bit, and watching a little bit. My film of choice was the classic love story An Affair to Remember, which has actually been filmed three times. The first was under the title Love Affair in 1939 with Irene Dunn and Charles Boyer, and most recently there was a version with Warren Beatty and Annette Benning filmed in 1994, but it is the 1957 version starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr which has stood the test of time.

Watching it today I was struck by how beautiful and chic Deborah Kerr is in this film. She was 36 when it was released and she appears womanly, sophisticated and radiant. Her costumes are all kinds of late 50s gorgeousness - the beige and orange evening gown at top and the orange opera coat at bottom are faves - and a little bit of detective work led me to Hollywood costume designer and wardrobe director Charles Le Maire.

Charles Le Maire won four Oscars for his work in costumes and was responsible for the looks on memorable classics like Three Coins in a Fountain, How to Marry a Millionaire (who can forget the famous fashion modelling scene?) and The Long Hot Summer. Although when it comes to the latter, I think putting Paul Newman in virtually nothing at all was just about the best costuming decision made.


Anonymous said...

how do u do?

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

lovely film stills. the (consistent) colour spectrum of these costumes is really nice.

Louise said...

I agree ... it is a beautiful looking film. The art direction is superb. I wouldn't mind going on their cruise ship too. It seems there is never any wind, so their hair always looks immaculate. He he.