Sunday, March 14, 2010

A little black vintage dress

I know every woman is meant to own at least one little black dress, but since my rejection of black around 10 years ago - after wearing it to death in the late 90s, when it was almost the only colour you could buy - I have not had a go to little black dress in my closet. Despite my admiration for Audrey, I've never particularly followed her style tenets; there is no crisp white shirt or ballet flats lurking in my wardrobe either.
But yesterday as I ran around the city frantically finishing off wedding errands, I stopped into the monthly Vanity Fair Vintage Market for half an hour, and I was dared to try on this rather flash LBD. Lo and behold it fit and I loved it and when I got home I found it looked rather nifty with my wedding shoes.

Dress: vintage from Coco Repose
Purse: thrifted, gift from my almost mother-in-law
Shoes: Wittner
Bracelets: Sugared Vintage

Sugared Vintage is a brand new jewellery business started by a couple of Sydney lasses who were proudly displaying their wares at the market yesterday. They are importing some gorgeous new jewellery lines from the US, but their collection of new/old vintage Lucite bangles, earrings and more are simply gorgeous. The perfect way to add a pop of colour to any outfit, here are a few of the lovelies I found on their website.


The Countess said...

Loving this dress on you - what a great find its perfect on you! A huge congrats on your upcoming wedding Louise, wishing you are your hubby-to-be all the best on your big day. Love to see some photos if you're willing to share them :)

Daniela said...

The dress is gorgeous! I love the Vanity Fair markets, I always manage to go home with something from there! My sister runs Sugared Accessories, so of course I am a big fan of it too! :)