Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Looks to Love

I'm completely in love with this editorial for the April issue of Numero magazine. From Argentinian photography duo Luciana Val and Franco Musso, these images are a vision of 1960s inspired loveliness. A little bit Audrey, a little bit Natalie Wood, a touch Belle Du Jour, with some Hitchcock thrown in for good measure. And the make-up and hair is flawless. Can someone create a ponytail for me that is that pretty and perfect?

Mesmerised by the styling and gorgeous use of light in these pics, I sought out other work by these Val and Musso and discovered a whole thread on The Fashion Spot. Their use of light and shadow is consistently beautiful and most of the spreads have a vintage sensibility. Here are a few more examples from Harper's Bazaar and Numero. I particularly love that their models always look like ladies, as per the top models of the 50s and 60s. No zoned out, disheveled and half naked waifs here.


Francy said...

The first photo is amazing!

Dotti said...


Laura said...

These are stunning! Thanks for sharing them. They're so well observed :)