Monday, March 1, 2010

Hommage to Dior

The UK's Vintage for Goodwood Festival - which celebrates five decades of British pop culture - sounds like it will be a blast, and the inaugural shindig had its media launch today with pop star Lily Allen rolled out as ambassador. The famous 1957 photograph of Dior's house models collected around a ladder was recreated, with Lily and others all frocked up in vintage finery. Very cute.

Lily has recently announced she is quitting the music business (again?) and is planning to open a vintage clothing shop with her sister. She says ladies will be able to rent high-end vintage pieces at their store - named Lucy in Disguise - for the fraction of the cost of buying. It sounds like a great idea and Lily must have some entrepreneurial nous, as she has certainly been successful as a singer. But I can't help be a little bit skeptical as Lily seems to quit music as often as elite boxers retire and then show up in the ring again when their cash runs out.

Remember when Lily first showed up on the scene in thrifted prom dresses and trainers? I thought she looked fresh and original, even though I haven't been caught dead in trainers since 1997. It has been interesting to watch her slim down, get a chic haircut and befriend Karl Lagerfeld. It must say something about how high fashion seduces.

Personally I'm a bit indifferent to Lily, maybe because I'm seen her live show and it was decidedly average. But dear readers, feel free to hose me down and declare your undying love.

Meantime I am just a little bit jealous of her new venture. If I wasn't busy writing press releases and cold calling journalists then I would rather fancy a life of travelling out and about sourcing high end vintage pieces. I'm positive more than a few would find their permanent homes in my heaving closet.

Photos courtesy Wire Image.


Barn House Antiques said...

The original pic was classy & graceful, they can`t & didn`t recreate that.
I did a blog post on the swimming cozzie, pop over when you have a chance.

Dulcette said...

I agree, Lily Allen is a pretty flaccid character and should just stick to what she does best: entertaining pre-teens. I like your blog though! :)

Francy said...

I love the original picture...I'm a little over Lily Allen to be honest. I thought her first album was so unique and funny, and on her second she kind of sold out. Ah well.

Lemondrop Marie said...

What a fabulous fun job though- a vintage store...I would play with the clothing all day.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Stacy said...

love it, so perfect