Monday, March 29, 2010

Resort Wear Reality

When I approach a holiday I tend to spend the weeks in the lead up envisaging my wardrobe, and it looks something like these classic Louise Dahl-Wolfe Harper's Bazaar covers; effortlessly chic and curiously well coordinated, down to the colour of my nails matching my fashionable brolly. The problem is I don't yet own a beach umbrella, and while I dream and plan and dream, I usually delay the actual packing until about 5 minutes before I leave. This means my holiday wardrobe tends to be a hodge podge of the wearable and not so wearable, and I forget something vital.

In the end though it isn't what you wear when you are there, but how the place makes you feel and the company you keep, and my budget beach side honeymoon on the NSW north coast had the best company, perfect weather and views and waves to die for. So who cares that I didn't brush my hair for five days or wear a smidgen of make-up. I had a lovely, lovely time.

So here is what I actually wore. All my frocks are vintage.

PS The mini windmills are in a place called The Clog Barn which has recreations of classic Dutch places of interest. This was the Kinderdijk. As a half Dutchie I insisted the hubbie take me to this rather odd tourist attraction so that I could stock up on Dutch treats. Yum yum.


E. Driscoll said...

You look great - for someone wearing no makeup and not brushing your hair, you sure look nicely coordinated :) said...


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