Friday, October 15, 2010

Dress of the Week: Chanel Couture

I haven't loved everything Lagerfeld has done for Chanel over the last couple of seasons, but when the man gets it right, by God does he get it right.
The ever gorgeous Keira Knightley - and the face of one of Chanel's perfumes - wore Chanel couture to the London premiere of Never Let Me Go. The details on this dress are utterly exquisite, and the well placed cut-outs and impeccable fit make the dress both beautiful and sexy.
I finally read Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go while I was in Fiji. Like most of Ishiguro's novels it has a quiet sadness that creeps up on you stealthily. He is a master of teasing out suppressed suffering and unrequited love.
I'm really looking forward to the movie now and I can't wait to see Carey Mulligan in the leading role.
And I always love seeing both Carey and Keira on the red-carpet.

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