Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fair Time!

The bi-annual Love Vintage Fair is over again for another year and as per usual it was overwhelmingly awesome. So much gorgeous vintage in one place, and so many special and lovely sellers!
This year I went along on the opening Friday night with my mate Erin (who looked lovely in this vintage midi dress bought on Etsy) and got to enjoy first dibs on all the good stuff. Despite that, I was very restrained in my purchasing, not least because I actually ran out of time to try things on!

I did, however, pick up some lovely plastic hair-clips from the ladies at Sugared Accessories (see their lovingly laid-out stall above), as well as some new earrings that might get a run at my mate Liana's wedding next Saturday (so exciting). I was tempted to visit again over the weekend, but I restrained myself. Besides, the six months will surely go by in a flash (oh, and the Fair is now coming to Melbourne!).

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Astin Kirby said...

The love vintage fair was lovely wasn't it? So many gorgeous things, but so little time and not enough money :(