Friday, October 1, 2010

Some Like It Hot

Over at What They Are Wearing Now, I was introduced to this LA Times interview with seminal stylist Freddie Leiba, where he talks passionately about the movie costumes that have shaped celluloid, and fashion, history. Of course Audrey appears no less than three times (and I will be drawing the winner for the Breakfast at Tiffany's book comp on Sunday), but that other 20th Century movie goddess Marilyn Monroe ties for equal first. Is it possible to blog too much about Marilyn Monroe? Considering her face can still sell magazines today, perhaps not.

Leiba selected this risque Orry Kelly creation which created a storm in its day when Some Like it Hot was released. The beauty of this dress is that ut appears more revealing than it is; even as a kid I was mesmerised by Marilyn's beauteous figure in this frock.

Another risque dress for its time (there's nothing like a keyhole cut-out to drive men wild!), this shocking pink frock was worn by Marilyn in one of her early roles, Niagara.

Pink was the colour of the 1950s, and of course the strapless column dress with the matching gloves (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) was included on the list too.

The cut down to there red sequin dress from Gentlemen as well as the iconic white halter from The Seven Year Itch and the fantastic green corset from Bus Stop didn't make the cut but they are all pretty darn memorable. Audrey might be an enduring fashion darling but both on-screen and off, Marilyn's influence on what women wear and have worn, can't be denied.

For today my favourite Marilyn costume pick is the purple evening dress from How to Marry a Millionaire. It's a style that is still being emulated by starlets on red-carpets everywhere.

I was sad to hear this morning that Tony Curtis, who starred alongside Marilyn in arguably her best ever performance as Sugar in Some Like it Hot, just passed away. I'll never forget his brilliant Cary Grant parody in that film, nor that beautiful face. Wasn't he handsome when he was young? I also found this lovely pic of him and former wife Janet Leigh. LOVE her ice blue dress and his perfect tux.


Glamour Daze said...

lovely post. It is sad about Tony.

what are they wearing now said...

I too was very sad to hear that Tony Curtis had died. He was a gorgeous looking man in his youth with the most beautiful eyes. As each of these screen legends dies they take with them a part of those golden years of Hollywood which will never be replicated. We owe him thanks for the wonderful entertainment he provided.