Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dress of the Week

What a week! The perfect Cate Blanchett made not one but two appearances this week at premieres for the Curious Case of Benjiman Button. I have a wee moment of glee when I hear that Cate is making a red carpet appearance, as she always makes an impression with what she wears.
Alas I don't love either outfit enough for them to qualify for Dress of the Week. The gold bell shaped dress she wore to the LA premiere has caused quite a stir as it is so unusual. Personally I love the gold sequins and the bell shape, but she has lost me somewhat with the skin colour sheath underneath. Normally Cate can work beige colours quite well, particularly for someone so fair, but the sheath just looks a little bit like dodgy underwear. Boo hoo.
And her Sydney premiere dress is pretty enough - Cate certainly seems to be embracing metallics at the moment - but I don't think it is super flattering on her. I've seen her look better (although I LOVE the shoes and as always her face is flawless).
So controversially I've decided to choose a dress which I think was actually worn last week, but seeing as I only saw it this week in one of the trash magazines at work, I reckon I can squeeze it in.
Diane Kruger wore this gorgeous ivory, voluminous, sleeved dress to a premiere in Paris. This dress is so stunningly New Look-esque, it fills me with joy. Oh how I would love to own this dress. It is demure and elegant, while still being headturning. I love how she has accessorised with the red shoes too.
I actually don't think I've ever seen Diane Kruger wearing something I don't like. I know she is a big fashionista, and lucky for her she has the looks and confidence to pull off high fashion looks like this.
This breathtaking dress is Giambattista Valli.

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