Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gorgeous Reese

I can't afford to purchase paparazzi pics, but I saw this shot of Reese online today and thought I'd share it.

Some of the comments below are truly cruel, and most don't share my view that this outfit is truly awesome.

I have always had a bias for pastels, and I dig how she's managed to make a California winter look anything but wintry by working mauve and grey. Love the shoes, love the tights, the dress is really flattering on her and the whole outfit is matchy matchy gorgeous.

I think the outfit is totally age appropriate.

Reese has been making some great outfit choices recently and I generally admire her red carpet outfits.

I love her and Jake as a couple. I have fingers and toes crossed for them. And hope that Reese will pull out another gorgeous vintage number like the one she wore when she won her Oscar.

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