Monday, December 1, 2008

The End of Orangery?

There was an article in The Times in the UK recently that heralded the end of the era of tanorexia. All I can say is hallelujah!

I've hated fake tan ever since it became mainstream, basically because - like hair extensions, eyelash extensions and acrylic nails - no-one has ever been able to convince me that it looks anything but completely fake. When I see someone with an at home or spray tan I don't automatically look at them and think "wow, you must have just returned from a week in Bali" but rather I think "wow, you must have just made a visit to the orangery so as to impersonate an Oopma Loompa at a Willy Wonka fancy dress party." I am always horrified when I see an otherwise pretty young girl with orange goo oozing down her legs, or blotchy spots all over her decollatage. And surely covering your skin with all that gunk can't be good for you.

I've always associated fake tanning with celebrity trash-bags like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan et al and the chavs that hang out at the local bars in my area. According to this article the sale of fake tan products has decreased in the UK and US and paleness is being heralded as the new tan.

How mid 1990's.

I must admit to a dangerous 'real tan' fixation some years ago, which thankfully was cured by my stint living in pale loving Japan and my fear of cancer and premature ageing. I still love the sun and the beach but avoid the midday sun and always wear sunscreen.

If this trend watch is true, I can only hope that the equally horrible trend of wearing tights as outerwear is on it's way out next. Alas I suspect I'll still see plenty of Oompa Loompas roaming Sydney this summer, unless they are trying to cover up their botched tan job and what they had for breakfast in a pair of black tights. As per usual, I'll be trying to avert my eyes.

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