Friday, April 10, 2009

Audrey Tatou is Coco Chanel wearing Karl Lagerfield for Chanel

I blogged previously on the new Coco Chanel bio-pic starring the super lovely Audrey Tatou and I have since found out that the film is getting a North American release, so fingers crossed it will get a release here in Australia too. It would be great to see all the costumes on the big screen.

This is Audrey at the Paris premiere of the film this week, wearing Chanel Couture (of course), and looking impossibly chic. I used to have my hair this short but the boyfriend would kill me if I chopped it all off now. He would probably say Audrey resembles a teenage boy.

Has everyone seen her in Priceless? She looks amazing in that film.

This is a very pretty dress. And I love how she hasn't gone overboard like a lot of the US celebs and worn a ballgown to her premiere.

Hopefully more premieres to follow?

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