Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dress of last week

This is a belated post as I decided to go sans Internet (apart from checking my emails on my phone) for a few days away for the boyfriends 30th. After our lovely weekend away I was in North QLD for a photo-shoot for work and I barely had time to think.

But I couldn't not post Nicole Richie in this super cute pouffy vintage dress, nicely accessorised with a Pucci scarf. Nicole is a avowed vintage fan and she says her jewellery line House of Harlow was inspired by her collection of vintage 60's and 70's jewellery, which her mother gave her.

Nicole particularly wears a lot of 70's dresses and really has the bohemian luxe look down pat. I've included some recent examples below.

It is nice to see her wearing something a bit left of centre of her usual style though with this more structured outfit. You can barely tell she is pregnant.

When I think back to Nicole's early days in the spotlight as Paris Hilton's BFF when she wore cheap looking make-up, bad hair extensions and sweat pants, it is hard to believe they are one and the same girl. It was Nicole's transformation which made stylist Rachel Zoe a household name, and I like to think that Rachel set Nicole on the path to finding her inner style goddess which had always be lying dormant. There has to be some explanation as to why she looks so good now. She is certainly no cookie cutter Hollywood celebrity in the style stakes.

LOVE her hair too.

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