Monday, April 13, 2009

My first vintage suit ...

Because to be honest I haven't worn a suit for much of this decade. They kind of went out of vogue and I don't have to dress in corporate wear for my job, thank goodness.

I think I need to make a resolution to not look in The Vintage Clothing Shop for some months because I always go in there just to have a quick look at the jewellery or the bags - just for a bit of fun - and I always come out having bought something that I never had any intention of buying. Though having said that everything I've bought there has been at a very low cost - usually on sale for under $100 - and absolutely gorgeous.

Now my latest find is this cute summer suit with bolero jacket and mid calf skirt, which I'm taking in and up so it sits on my natural waist and is knee length. I think it'll look a bit more contemporary shorter. It is very, very cute and I'm completely in love with the pastel balloon pattern fabric which is nice and shiny. I think it is silk but can't be entirely sure as the suit is handmade, so there is no label.

I modelled it for Mum and my grandmother on the weekend and they love it. It reminds me of something Peggy on Mad Man might wear, after the gay BF make-over. Sorry no pics of the skirt as yet. I still have to adjust it.

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