Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dress of this Week (and subsequent worship of Ms Obama)

I'm going to join the throng of other so presumed air-head fashionistas and babble on now about what Michelle Obama has been wearing at the G20 Summit, rather than the substance of the summit itself. This isn't a political blog after all, but what I will say is that while I know traditionally governments have had to spend their way out of recessions, doesn't it seem a bit strange that the way out of this world crisis of debt seems to be to get ourselves into even more debt? It seems like we really are on the brink of a completely new-world order where Europe and America are diminishing as world-powers and the only way is up for India and China. I'm still not convinced that K Rudd's $900 will be effective as far as my home-grown economy goes either, nor that his plan is necessarily morally sound. Will you be spending yours? I'm afraid mine is going into the bank for my spend later fund. Naughty Lou.

Anyway, back to Michelle's dress. This woman can seriously do no wrong in the style stakes. I LOVE her in this drop waist black Azzedine Alaia. This lady sure knows how to accessorise too as the jewellery and shoes all combine to create a truly elegant and chic ensemble. Michelle isn't afraid of patterns or colour, but she looks equally beautiful in a more monochrome silhouette.

Check out Michelle in this gorgeous Thakoon wriggle dress too. I'm loving the vintage 50's shape with the more contemporary looking pattern.

And Michelle seriously had fashion lovers the world over in a tizz when she wore this asymmetric Junya Watanabe cardigan which I reckon is going to really kick off a trend for similar styles.

For me the reason why she looks so fabulous (besides the figure, height and good looks, of course) is that she isn't afraid to experiment with edgy pieces or aspects of an outfit (for example colour and fabric), but she always pairs that edginess with something more classic (like wearing the Watanabe cardigan with pearls and a relatively conservative pleated skirt).

The G20 summit also meant that the world finally got to see a frock-off between Michelle and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. While Carla is undoubtedly a classic beauty and I certainly enjoy reading interviews with her because I just love her French honesty and innate sex-appeal, Carla isn't really rocking my world in the style stakes the way Michelle does. Maybe I'm underwhelmed because Carla is married to a conservative, but I just think some of her outfits tend to look a little bit like she is playing grown-ups. Maybe it is all the flats that are giving her that school-girl on excursion vibe? Is Nicholas Sarkozy short? I love her beige pussy-bow three-quarter sleeve trench, but wouldn't she look sexier with a pair of high-heeled pumps?

And Michelle manages to hit a high-note again in her floral coat. Michelle's parade of stunning coats is almost making me look forward to winter ... but not quite.

And for some Barack Obama worship, check out the news on his latest speech regarding the ban of nuclear weapons testing
Photo of Michelle in Junya Watanabe cardigan courtesy of Getty Images.

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