Monday, April 27, 2009

Wedding Bells

My darling boyfriend and I became engaged on Saturday morning (at 6.30am precisely - I had to peel off my eye mask to see the ring), and after about ten hours of blissed out lovey dovey-ness and out of character champagne guzzling, I was 1. feeling pretty tipsy and 2. starting to freak out about the whole planning of a wedding.

I had been entertaining fantasies of elopement, but it turns out it is rather hard to take your parents and best mates with you. And while I've always loved attending other peoples lovely lavish weddings, I've never really fancied one for myself. Not to mention we are in the midst of a recession, everyone is worried about holding onto their jobs and not even K Rudd's money is making most people feel secure and flush anymore. Where to from here?

One thing I am certain about though, is that I want to get my dress made. Yep, no vintage this time around. I already know my dream dress doesn't exist out there, so I'm going to have to create it, possibly from scratch or possibly Pretty in Pink styling by pulling a couple of different outfits together.

Jackie's, Nicole's (Balenciaga) and J Lo's (Valentino) are a few of my favourite celebrity dresses. I think Jackie's could be my favourite of all time.

I think my dress will include some elements of each of these dresses, but at the same time will be entirely different, and not as traditionally wedding-y.
And coincidentally there is an interesting article by Hortense at Jezebel that was posted this weekend about the off-beat wedding. All I can promise you for sure at this stage is we won't make our guests wear Sari's and there is no way I'm getting married on the beach. As much as I love it there, can you imagine not wearing shoes on your wedding day???
Oh, and if you check out the Jezebel story - how amazing is Elizabeth Taylor?


Vintage Verve said...

oh Congratulations Louise! I too am about to become Mrs Verve (less than 4 weeks to go!)Enjoy the planning stage and I wish your marriage all the happiness in the world.

xx VV

Louise said...

Thanks Vintage Verve. I can't wait to see picks of your wedding!

Erin said...

Congratulations again! I can't wait for you to see my vintage dress in November. Is lovely. Getting a dress made is definitely a good option though, i'm sure yours will be beautiful.