Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dress of the Week

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I've been lately enamoured of floral and lace appliques. Dita Von Teese looked gorgeous this week at some alcohol related event (ugh) in this heavily appliqued Fendi dress. I've never quite understood why Dita is so famous - taking your clothes off and being married to a pop star is all it takes these days to score magazine covers and couture it seems - but I can't deny that she knows how to pick a frock. She is always immaculately put together. The pink satin shoes are pretty too.

Thanks to Pro Fashion Elle for the pic!

Cruising the inter webs to check out what the celebs are wearing for Frock of the Week, I was both saddened and delighted to see SJP back on the fashion radar. Filming has begun on the second Sex and the City film and so I was saddened because I wish they weren't making it (apart from the gratuitous clothes porn I thought the first film had virtually no substance and was but a pale ghost of one of my favourite series) and delighted because I'm an admirer of both Sarah-Jessica Parker's and Carrie Bradshaw's style.

This white dress and the summer breezy purple one below are both Halston Heritage; a just released capsule collection from Halston based on classic silhouettes from the label's heyday.

With all these pap pics from the set being released on a daily basis with any luck I can get my SJP style fix without having to see them screw up the SATC brand even more.

Remember how edgy the original series was? Ah, those were the days.


anna and the ring said...

I agree the series was far better. Although the fashion porn was off the scale in the film.

Not usually one for Fendi but that dress is fabulous!

Louise said...

I agree ... I'm not normally a Fendi fan either.
And you are right about SATC The Movie. The wedding dress scene was heavenly. The lame storyline, not so much.

maggie said...

my friends and i had a "sex and the city day" where we watched some episodes of the seasons 1-6 before going to see the 2nd movie. i miss the show and all of us were upset that we wasted 20 bucks on a movie that was very very bad