Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wedding Panic

Just about every week since my engagement I must confess to a complete wedding freak-out. This isn't freaking out about the marriage bit of it, just the actual wedding which I've discovered - just like zillions of other women before me - is almost impossible to do on a meagre budget, especially if you want it done right (i.e. the wedding of your dreams).

Thankfully my Mum was there to talk me off a ledge as the panic hit today. I contemplated throwing in the towel (no doubt in some part influenced by how busy I am at work, coupled with having to move house in two weeks ... grrr), cancelling the venue and then running off to the nearest registry office and just doing the deed. Then I realised that I would then be missing out on the (hopefully) once in a lifetime opportunity to plan a party exclusively for the people I love, to celebrate the man I love. And I can always get myself back into the happy zone by browsing some of my favourite wedding blogs.

One of the most outstanding on this list is Vintage Glam Weddings, where blogger and newlywed Amanda celebrates the best vintage inspired weddings. She highlights those weddings that aren't the lavish chi chi types you see on the pages of bridal magazines, but rather unique and individual ceremonies featuring vintage treasures and flea-market finds. The real life wedding photos are so inspirational and generally gorgeous. Get a load of some of these!

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