Monday, September 21, 2009

The Emmy's

Speaking of Valentino, Rose Byrne (who is one of the only celebrities my betrothed is vaguely interested in, seeing as they went to high school together) was simply stunning in this Valentino gown at the Emmy's yesterday.

Chloe Sevigny oozes girl-next-door sexiness in her polka dot Issac Mizrahi. Love the simple make-up and relaxed hairstyle as well.

And the stunning January Jones blew me away in her strapless Versace. The robotic stiffness of the bodice, contrasted with an uber feminine mermaid skirt is all kinds of awesome.
All the other frocks were a bit meh. That is usually tasteful, but entirely forgettable. If only I and my other fashion loving friends were world-famous actresses with bottomless pits of money and designers names on speed dial. Come to think of it, I'd definitely be working vintage couture on the red-carpet. The gorgeous possibilities are so endless, I think it is time for some much needed dress daydreaming.
Dior, Balenciaga, Jean Desses, Cassini ... I could go on and on ... and I will.

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Hannah said...

The Brownlows were much much worse!