Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sydney Heats Up

I arose at dawn on Sunday morning to load bags of clothes and shoes into the fiances truck for the Kirribilli Fashion Markets. I hosted my own little stall for the day in the hopes of clearing out some of the excess in my cupboard.

It was ridiculously hot on Sunday. Thankfully I remembered my sunscreen, but I could have done with a portable hose and an umbrella as well. You know when you are so hot you can't even imagine what is was once like to feel cold? That was how I felt on Sunday as I sweated it out for almost six hours on my little wooden chair. By the time I caved in to my discomfort and packed up, the hair running down my back was moist with sweat, my water bottle was barely touching the sides and I could hear my heart thumping and pumping away. A case of sun stroke was the result but thankfully my mates Sonia & Michael were on hand to take me straight to the pub for two tall tall glasses of drink, purchased with part of the few hundred dollars I made on the day.

On returning home my outfit - a vintage 70's dress which I wore with my new One of 2 shoes - went straight into the wash and I promptly put on my "house" bikini.

On a relatively unrelated topic my mates Sonia & Michael introduced me to their mate Louise who, as it turns out, is not only a namesake but also a fellow pug owner. So basically this is just an opportunity to introduce you to my darling pug Elsie who turns 8 next month (she's a big girl now!) and lives up North with my parents where she is adored and molly-coddled to the nth degree. I do miss her terribly but know that the time my retired parents can offer her is infinitely preferable to fitting in with my time poor lifestyle.
Everything about pugs is designed to make you love them ... from their squishy little faces and roly poly bodies to their love of cuddles and laps ... I think I'm in very good company as a pug owner and lover. Marie Antoinette and Wallis Simpson are just two fashionable forebears to have owned pugs and recently retired fashion designer Valentino owns FIVE!
I'm seeing Valentino: The Last Emperor this weekend and I am just as excited about the pug dogs as I am about the couture. Can't wait.

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avintagespirit (Lizzy) said...

Oh, I just love pugs :) Elsie is so so cute. Have you ever seen the blog puglyfeet? It's mostly just precious pictures of the blogger's pug, so cute ;)
Oh, and I really love your dress.