Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New York London Milan

The Spring Summer R-T-W shows have been consuming volumes of the download quota of fashionistas around the world of late. Even though my tastes tend toward fashions of the past, I still like checking out what some of my preferred designers are sending down the catwalks.
All the lovely images are grist for the inspiration mill. For examply I think theMarc for Marc Jacobs jacket above is to die for.

Luisa Beccaria's collection was romantic and undeniably pretty. Luella's show screamed early 60's lady-like glamour. Jason Wu is simply fabulous and utterly wearable.
And best of all was Erdem, where the devil was in the details. His collection included the most divine prints and, although his silhouettes were inspired by the past, his creations looked worthy of replicating on their own merits.
I'm no high fashion expert, but here are a few of my favourite looks.

Marc for Marc Jacobs

Luisa Beccaria


Jason Wu


All images courtesy of Style.Com.


avintagespirit (Lizzy) said...

Oh, all this fashion is so gorgeous!
I love every dress in the Luisa Beccaria line that you posted pictures of. Especially that first cream colored one! So beautiful!

andrea said...

You definitely picked some of the best stuff! Marc and Luella are my faves of your faves. :)