Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Joys of Pink

In the July issue of UK Vogue Plum Sykes writes about her enduring love affair with everything pink. She's drawn to pink dresses, pink lingerie, pink furnishings and even pink houses.

Plum writes "is there any point to all this pinkness in my life? I suspect there is. The truth is, I find real life - putting out the rubbish, work going wrong, people getting ill, friends dying - pretty gruelling. If I think about it all too much, I get pretty down pretty quickly. I believe that anything that can cheer you up is incredibly valuable, and there's nothing like pink to do that."

Anyone that has known me for any length of time would have to surmise that I agree. Pink is by far and away my favourite colour. My wardrobe is practically heaving with it and I'm drawn to pink knick-knacks for around my flat too: cushions, vases, cups and saucers, flowers - I've got the lot.

I think I've been in love with pink from the day dot, and although little girls these days seemed to be groomed for a life lived in pink (shopping for my 9 month old niece I can barely find another colour), that wasn't so much the case in my childhood. I believe I've always associated pink with femininity, luxury and contentment. Plum writes that during the Golden Age of Couture Dior and Balenciaga used pink in every collection as the designers knew it was flattering to pretty much every woman.

Dior said "every woman should have something pink in her wardrobe."

I must admit that I have more than something. My old colleague and friend Jane used to throw up her hands in exasperation when she'd see me return from my lunch-hour with yet another pink dress as a result of a retail rummage.

This is a hot pink 1980's knit dress that I bought from an online seller based out of New York. The dress was originally a midi but I shortened it to a mini to update it and make it a bit more flattering.

The pink suede booties are by Mogil.

This is one of my most beloved dresses. The dealer I bought it from is pretty sure it is early 1960's (Mad Men era!). This was a designer dress - it has a label that says "A La Mode" and the construction is truly divine. The skirt is starched and sits nice and stiff. Not the best dress to sit down in but it is a joy for dancing.

The shoes are Melissa and I'm holding a jewelled pink clutch I thrifted from Rozelle Markets.

This dress is a vintage Ralph Lauren number which is perfect for absolutely everywhere; beach, work, nights out. You name it, I've worn it there. The shade is that really delectable candy pink that conjures cupcakes and edible lolly necklaces. It is a little reminiscent of the pink Ralph Lauren dress Gwyneth Paltrow famously wore when she won her Best Actress Oscar.
The bracelet is pink and vintage and covered in four-leaf clovers. I love it.

Jacket - vintage, handmade and part of a skirt suit set. The print looks like balloons and makes me joyously happy.

Singlet - Cheap Monday.

Shorts - picked up from the now sadly departed Ra Ra Superstar in Bondi (sob). They might not be pink, but my modesty is preserved by a pastel pink button.

Bag - thrifted.
Bracelets - all plastic, all pink, all thrifted.

Shoes - hot pink leather brogues from Topshop.

And I think I've posted this clip before but while I'm in a pink mood I just can't resist a revisit of one of my favourite classic movie scenes.
Think Pink! says the fashion editor in Funny Face.


The Glamorous Housewife said...

Love all of your pink! I just got a pretty 1950's pink dress that needs to be drycleaned and then I can wear it. I will be sure to blog about it when I do.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

anna and the ring said...

Love the pink! I always will love pink.

I bought Funny Face on DVD purely because of that scene. It's perfection!