Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thank goodness for friends

My friends are so, so important to me and I am very lucky that I'm surrounded by such a fantastic group of interesting and loyal people. One of the nicest outcomes of having a wedding is getting to party with all your friends. Having them all front up looking so darn snazzy was an added bonus. The dress code was "glamorous" and many also embraced the vintage theme.

My friends Sonia, Jessica, Louisa and Catherine all looked gorgeous (and the always immaculate Louisa was having a laugh with her Russian dancer routine) and rocked vintage and/or vintage styled looks. Thanks ladies!

My Mum's friend Lynne is a vintage lover who is always on the lookout for lovely pieces, and she hit on a winner with this Hawaiian maxi which fitted the wedding theme to a tee.

My fellow newlywed Erin is another vintage fan who went for a spring like maxi dress with cute pleated sleeves. Very Virgin Suicides.

Our sexy bar girls from Vintage All Sorts were tremendous theme mascots in their Hawaiian print dresses and red lippy. They also put up with a very brisk trade and kept all our hot guests well lubricated (it reached 34 degrees Celsius/ 93 degrees Fahrenheit on the day).

Liana read a romantic John Donne poem during our ceremony and while she isn't wearing vintage, she does look gorgeous in Collette Dinnigan, + I had to include her because she's so cute. She may have been doing the robot here.

And Sonia wisely ditched the heels for some jazz hands and then a romantic dance with her fiance. She also looked suitably tropical in a warm shade of blue ... so pretty.

My friend Catherine picked up this classy sheath from Coco Repose, and many have told me this was their guest dress of the night.

And Jess bought her vintage floral party frock from Mint Condition in Rozelle. She's at a wedding sideshow beach party that I certainly wasn't invited too. Here is more proof of my mates shenanigans.

And here are a few more pics from the ceremony, which I've included mainly to show off our absolutely stunning celebrant Renee. She made the effort to coordinate with the bridal party in a dusty pink vintage dress from Coco Repose. I love the generous pleats on the skirt and the deep plunge bodice.

As soon as I get the professional pics I'll post some more, but this time I'll finish with hubbie and I leaving the surf club. It was truly a fashionable night.

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