Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Frock of the Week: Almost Vintage

Dita Von Teese was breathtaking at a book signing this week, wearing an early 1990s Vivienne Westwood dress.
It is not quite vintage yet, but if she holds onto it for another ten years, it certainly will be.
Pics like this confirm for me that Westwood is one of my all time favourite designers. I think Dita looks like she is swathed in a piece of Delft Blue china here. And her brooch and vibrant pink lipstick rock.
Thanks to Dita Von Teese Fan for the pics.


Laura said...

Dita looks immaculate, as usual. That dress is gorgeous. I love how Vivienne Westwood is so inspired by the eighteenth century; the cut, the style, the pattern. Beautiful!

Patty said...

Dita is so gorgeous! I love her style <3

Greetz from Tiz said...

yes she looks gorgeous!she is so beautiful!
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lucitebox said...

The dress is gorgeous and she wears it so well! (Then again, isn't that the case with everything she wears?)

harbourmaster said...

Oh, incredible dress! That bodice style is my favourite Westwood signature, so elegant yet a bit saucy hehe. And in a toile print! Ahh my chances of finding one on eBay are pretty much nil now that Dita's worn it right?