Monday, April 5, 2010

Style Crush: Debi Mazar

I recently discovered that actress Debi Mazar - she of Goodfellas and Entourage fame - is a huge vintage fan. A perusal of her recent sartorial choices has turned me into a Debi fan. Here is a woman who marches to the beat of her own drum, doesn't use a stylist, and always manages to look immaculate. Some women can master that effortless, grungy chic by throwing on a pair of denim shorts and a blouse and running their fingers through their tousled hair as they walk out the door. Think Kate Moss and Alexa Chung. Others, however, take their time to craft a look, with considered accessory and shoe choices, matched with photo-shoot worthy hair & make-up.

Personally, I think the second option is equally as worthy, and when you are a true fashion lover, pulling together an outfit that you love can be a cathartic, creative experience.

Head to to toe runway looks and safe glossy mag approved designer dresses are a dime a dozen on the red carpet, so it is always refreshing to see a celebrity who dresses in clothes that she truly loves, regardless of trends. And you've got to love a woman who proudly wears a brocade opera coat.

Interestingly, Debi started her working life as a make-up artist, and is known for her work with Madonna in the 80s. That explains her retro fantastic hair and make-up.

I'm not a foodie but for those of you wo are, check out Debi's blog Under the Tuscan Gun


Francy said...

I've never heard of her, but she does have some fantastic style!

Andi B. Goode said...

And don't forget of 'Empire Records' fame. ;]
Thanks for sharing these - I had no idea she was such a stylish lady!
-Andi x